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Order Family Name Scientific Name Play
Anura Microhylidae Ornate narrow-mouth toad Microhyla fissipes
Anura Raniidae Latouchi's frog, Brown wood frog, Kuatun frog Rana latouchii
Anura Raniidae Gunther's brown frog Rana guentheri
Anura Raniidae Swinhoe's frog Rana swinhoana
Anura Raniidae Olive frog Rana adenopleura
Anura Raniidae Kuhl's wart frog Limnonectes kuhlii
Anura Rhacophoridae Meintein treefrog Kurixalus idiootocus
Anura Rhacophoridae Eiffinger's treefrog Kurixalus eiffingeri
Anura Rhacophoridae Emerald treefrog Rhacophorus prasinatus
Anura Rhacophoridae Taipei green tree frog Rhacophorus taipeianus
Anura Rhacophoridae White lipped treefrog Polypedates megaceohorous
Anura Rhacophoridae Moltrecht's treefrog Rhacophorus moltrechti
Anura Bufonidae Central Formosan toad Bufo bankorensis


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