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Little Grebe Common Cormorant Gray Heron Purple Heron Chinese Pond Heron Cattle Egret Amur Green Heron Black Bittern Great White Egret Little Egret Intermediate Egret Pacific Reef Egret Cinnamon Bittern Yellow Bittern Black-crowned Night Heron White Stork Black-faced Spoonbill Sacred Ibis Mandarin Duck Pintail Shoveler Teal Wigeon Spot-billed Duck Chinese Goose Tufted Duck Scaup Duck Bewick's Swan Cotton Teal Commom Shelduck Chinese Goshawk Crested Goshawk Gray-faced Buzzard Hawk Black Kite Osprey Ring-necked Pheasant Mikado's Pheasant Barred Button Quail Japanese Crane Hooded Crane Coot Moorhen Ruddy Crake Water-rail Pheasant-tailed Jacana Painted Snipe Kentish Plover Little Ringed Plover Gloden Plover Lapwing Dunlin Common Snipe Black-tailed Godwit Little Curlew Whimbrel Spotted Redshank Wood Sandpiper Common Sandpiper Greenshank Marsh Sandpiper Redshank Terek Sandpiper Black-Winged Stilt Avocet Red-necked Phalarope Black-headed Gull Creasted Tern Whiskered Tern Spotted-necked Dove Oriental Turtle Dove Red Turtle Dove Japanese Green Pigeon Lesser Coucal Collard Scops Owl Common Kingfisher Broad-billed Roller Hoopoe Muller's Barbet Wryneck Fairy Pitta Barn Swallow Pacific Swallow African Sand martin Bronzed Drongo Black Drongo Maroon Oriole Gray Tree Pie Magpie Formosan Blue Magpie Vinous-throated Parrotbill Red-headed Tit Green-backed Tit Nuthatch White-eared Sibia Lesser Scimitar Babbler Formosan Yuhina White-bellied Yuhina Black bulbul Black bulbul Chinese Bulbul Taiwan Bulbul Crested Bulbul Brown Dipper Magpie-robin;Priental Magpie Robin Japanese Robin Ryukyu Robin Ruby-throat Formosan Whistling Thrush Daurian Redstart Plumbeous Water Redstart Siberian Blue-tail Siberian Blue-tail White-browed Bush Robin Johusten's Bush Robin Gray Thrush Brown Thrush White's Ground Thrush Dusky Thrush Pale Thrush Island Thrush Fulvous-faced Flycatcher Warbler Black-browed Reed Warbler Yellow-headed Fantail Warbler Yellow-bellied Prinia Tawny Prinia Narcissus Flycatcher Black-naped Blue Monarch Ferruginous Flycatcher Gray-spotted Flycatcher Rufous-bellied Blue Flycatcher Alpine Accentor Pied Wagtail Grey Wagtail Yellow Wagtail Japanese Waxwing Brown Shrike Rufous-backed Shrike Common Myna Gray Starling Plain Flowerpecker White Eye Chestnut Munia Spotted Munia White-rumped Munia Scarlet Finch Brambling Beavan's Bullfinch Black-faced Bunting Tree Sparrow Desert Wheatear Yellow-crowned Bishop
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