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Order Family Name Scientific Name Play
ARTIODACTYLA Cervidae Formosan sambar Cervus unicolor swinhoei
ARTIODACTYLA Cervidae Formosan barking deer Muntiacus reevesi micrurus
ARTIODACTYLA Suidae Formosan wild boar Sus scrofa taivanus
PRIMATES Cercopithecidae Formosan rocky monkey Macaca cyclopis
RODENTIA Sciuridae White-faced flying squirrel Petaurista alborufus lena
RODENTIA Sciuridae Formosan giant flying squirrel Petaurista petaurista grandis
RODENTIA Sciuridae Formosan stripped squirrel Tamiops swinhoe formosanus
RODENTIA Sciuridae Owslon's long-nosed tree squirrel Dremomys pernyi owstoni
RODENTIA Sciuridae Red-bellied tree squirrel Callosciurus erythraeus
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