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Long tailed skink; Long tailed mabuya Indian forest skink; Brown forest skink Common sun skink; Many striped skink Hekou's gecko Common house gecko Common blind snake; Brahminy blind snake; Taiwan worm snake Yellow-mouthed japalura Swinhoe's japalura Short-legged japalura White plum blossom snake; Formosa wolf snake Big-eye rat snake Red-banded snake Taiwan keelback Sauter's water snake Asiatic white-belly water snake Stink rat snake; Taiwan stink snake Red belly kukri snake Formosanus grass lizard Stejneger's grass lizard; Brown grass lizard Banded krait Chinese green tree viper; Green bamboo viper Pointed-scaled pitviper; Brown spotted pitviper Taiwan mountain pitviper; Kikuchi habu Green-headed turtle; Chinese striped-necked turtle Common slider; Red-ear turtle

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